In the 2.0 world visual elements stand out, and publications that include beautiful combinations of text and images are much more attractive and engaging.

Today I want to share a fantastic online design tool that will make your designs pop!

This will allow you to do much more with them. Finally, you will have the help and guidance you need to get started in the design creation process.

In any small or large online project, whether personal or professional, we must make ourselves noticed, but this is time-consuming.

If you want to start making your own designs, simple but beautiful, and above all without spending too much time, Canva is the solution.

It’s tremendously intuitive, fun and easy. The program doesn't need to be installed, and to start you just need a username or email and a password, and even that is simple because you can register with your Facebook or Google account - great for not having to remember anything!

Designing may seem simple but it's not, it's not just about combining a couple of sources with an image.

Also, if it happens that you don’t know where to start and nothing seems good, having a base to start is essential.

For me this is the great advantage of Canva - it gives you everything in an almost finished format. You don’t have to think about combinations or sizes if you do not want (no pixels or resolutions).

You just have to choose between one of the many established designs, and there are hundreds available. Then you write your text ... and that's it!

You can customize everything

Of course you can vary the elements, changing colors, choosing other images, uploading your own photographs, adding graphics ... Once you start everything will be like a game, moving elements here and there, it’s fun!

Exploring the things you can do is not only entertaining, it will also open up a cascade of possibilities that you may not have thought of otherwise.

With Canva it’s no longer necessary to invest an extraordinary amount of time in the design of graphic elements, and you don’t need to have those innate abilities to know if your visual is well designed or aesthetically harmonious, because that part is done for you.

Without a doubt, good taste and practice help, but with Canva at least we have a starting point, making designs does not take more than a few minutes, and the result is nothing short of awesome.

To get started, just go to and click on Sign Up - they have a free 30 day trial for the Pro plan.

Almost all of us have a camera. Whether it's your smartphone with the latest lens or a new DSLR that you only use in automatic mode. However, this is not enough to achieve perfect shots. You and your business deserve wonderful images to capture your ideal client's attention.

1. Why hire a photographer?

You may have already invested in a high-end camera for multiple reasons, but there's more to taking pictures than having a nice camera. So now you're asking yourself: how do photographers take such beautiful photos? The professional photographer, on the other hand, is the master of the camera. An experienced photographer knows how to use a dizzying array of functions in combination, and knows how to make the necessary adjustments to get the exact look and feel that's desired. Beyond the technical skills, the professional will have several lenses and will be able to use them according to the type of shots to be taken, for example shooting a pizza for a restaurant, or getting a shot of your new product for online sales.

2. Why trust the photographer?

The photographer, thanks to the multiple camera settings, knows how to adapt according to the environment, but it's only a question of technique. The key to taking a beautiful photo is mainly related to the photographer's sensitivity to and perspective of the situation and the environment. The photographer will guide you and arrange the objects and other decorative elements so that the photo is harmonious as a whole. Unfortunately, not everyone has this artistic fiber.

3. Why work with a photographer?

A professional photographer reviews and retains only the best photos. Then the keepers are edited by reviewing and optimizing the hue, the color balance, the brightness, the contrast, the cropping… So many readjustments which will make it possible to sublimate the photo and make it "perfect". It is thanks to this task that the photographer will be able to create a universe adapted to what you are looking for. As we have seen, we do not improvise as a photographer overnight, these skills take years or decades to develop, which people devote their entire careers to. You will only gain by placing your trust in this expert. Whether you are an individual or a professional who needs visual content for your business, the photographer will deliver high-quality visual content for any purpose.

4. Hire a professional photographer and save time.

If you are a new entrepreneur or even a business that is out of the proof of concept stage, likely you still are the photographer, recipe developer, social media manager, chief financial officer, techie, and tribe cultivator of your business!⠀Right?⠀There is so much to do to make a business successful. If you hire a photographer you can delegate your online presence and put it in the hands of a professional, so you may spend your time on the things that you know you need to do to make your business a success. ⠀⠀ Are you ready to delegate? At Leti Kugler Photography we are specialists in product photography, food photography, content creation, and lifestyle photography. Our prices are very competitive and we can always make a deal that works for you.

Your brand should convey professionalism and attract your ideal client.

We know that color plays a very important role in the mood and emotions and you should look for the color palette you choose to inspire and motivate your customers.

Colors convey emotions and messages.

We tend to associate certain colors to different themes such as:

Rosa: Representative color of the female image. Ideal for the world of fashion, cosmetics.

Purple: Color that conveys mystery. Very related to the world of magic, fantasy, ideal for children's products but also according to what nuances for women's products.

Brown: balanced, reliable and friendly, It transmits simple sensations, of tranquility, confidence, kindness, security. Ideal for the world of entertainment, the motor world, furniture, games.

Orange: energy, youth, orange transmits energy, strength, good sensations. Ideal for youth products, the world of construction and food products.

Yellow: It transmits joy, happiness, and energy is positive and communicative. A good color for the world of leisure and perfect for the world of communication and entertainment.

Green: Nature, health, plants, etc. Ideal for products related to ecology, the environment, health, and hygiene.

Light blue: Color that is related to cleanliness, technology, ideal for computer-related products.

Dark blue: Color ideal for executives, related to financial services, investments, banking, large companies.

So, taking into account the above, choose a color palette that is aligned with your brand.

The color palette you choose should go according to your product or service and be pleasing to the eye. Color can contribute to your product capturing attention, keep it and evoke positive emotions or on the contrary, can create discomfort and disorder.

Here are 5 recommendations so you can choose the right color palette for your brand :

1. Choose a color palette with your ideal client in mind.

2. All visual communication must be congruent and harmonic.

3. Maintain simplicity

4. The colors should have a goal.

5. Avoid an excess number of colors or unfortunate combinations.

It can be a bit difficult to decide between one and other colors, so here I provide you with my two favorite tools to remove the pressure and start experimenting with colors: and